Robert Lisac: Sabine, How would you define your work to let the readers know who you are and what you do?

Sabine Engelhardt: I am a geomancer and architect who creates places that are in harmony with nature and replenish our energies. To achieve this, the material (materials, shape, configuration, colours etc.) and subtle levels of the Earth and the cosmos are of importance. The latter contain a fascinating and rich consciousness. This approach is called Bioarchitecture and includes energetic harmonisation of spaces, advice how to transform places and the design of alterations and new buildings. At present I am working with others on creating a meditative garden on the island Brač.

Sabine Engelhardt (vir: facebookprofil od Sabine E.)

Robert Lisac: Many people in Slovenia who are interested in esoterics know Marko Pogačnik, who has developed a kind of Earth acupuncture as a tool for Earth healing. If you would need to compare your work with that of Mr. Pogačnik, what to you have in common, and which are your differences?

Sabine Engelhardt: Marko is one of my Geomancy teachers and I greatly respect his pioneering work and longstanding experience. So far his focus has been landscape healing and fine art, while I focus on the combination of architecture and geomancy, the design and healing of places. For me. Geomancy is also a path of self development as communicating with other layers of consciousness is like looking into a mirror.

Robert Lisac:I met you as workshop leader on the island Pasman (Harmony Programme). What I liked very much is that you conveyed knowledge through learning by doing. Is there a reason for this approach?

Sabine Engelhardt: A core aspect of geomancy is the intuitive perception of energy phenomena by connecting with a landscape or place through a form of meditation. This is easiest, if our mind, that judges, files and analysis, moves into the background. Theory is helpful to categorize experiences, but for most people impedes perception. This is why I usually follow up with theory once everyone has experienced the place themselves.

Robert Lisac: What I found most fascinating about your workshop is the fact that you encouraged all participants to share their perceptions of a place without filtering. Thus a very interesting picture of each place evolved. It seems that you do not see anything as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’?

Sabine Engelhardt: Investigating a place geomantically is like a group of people closing their eyes and feeling an elephant: one person will find the leg, another the trunk, and both are right. In the multidimensional realms, we perceive what is in resonance with us, and each of us has a different way. Some see elemental beings, others perceive feelings, yet others have a sense of the energetic configurations. If we gather all these perceptions together, a more holistic picture evolves. Sometimes it can happen, that the information received is not linked with the place but simply our own projection. In this case it is important to ask the place for confirmation.

Robert Lisac: This question might be a bit provocative. Could it be that the Earth does not need any intervention from us humans to be healed? Does it heal faster or better if we help?
Sabine Engelhardt: Earth healing can be a misleading term. For me Geomancy is not only working with the landscape, but a form of self-development and reflection. Through contacting the beings of the Earth, the cosmos and the spiritual world, we discover their wisdom and the mystical foundation of our incarnation. This allows us to evolve and to create a culture that is in harmony with nature and ensures that all have a positive life.
The Earth loves to cooperate with us. For example I often experience how happy landscapes and trees are, for example, when we contact them.
Slowly we are becoming conscious of the fact that our actions impact on a multitude of beings that surround us. Mostly places are out o balance due to human interventions, traumatic experiences or strong human emotions, that can be felt long after the event. Many Earth healing projects deal with neutralizing such interventions.

Robert Lisac: How can human beings heal certain places? Which ‘tools’ are available?

Sabine Engelhardt: There are a multitude of methods to work at a place or from a distance, alone or in groups: singing tones, movement, visualisation, Earth acupuncture, Ho’oponopono, smudging (working with smoke), sounds and energy healing methods like Tesla metamorphosis. For the last, I work on my body, which signifies the place to be healed.

Robert Lisac: Each person knows at least one place, where there are ‘bad energies’. What can each person do to ‘clean’ this place?

Sabine Engelhardt: The easiest methods are smudging and Ho’oponopono. When smudging a building, it is good to open all the windows in turn, then to walk systematically from one room to another towards the door and to take care of all corners and crevices. Standing at the entrance door you can then consciously invite the desired qualities into the house and close the windows.
With Ho’oponopono you connect with a place and repeatedly say ‘I love you.’ ‘Please forgive me.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘I am sorry.’ for about twenty minutes

Robert Lisac: You have told me that you will lead a workshop in Slovenia. Could you tell the readers what the theme of the workshop will be?

Sabine Engelhardt: The workshop is ‚Creating a place for the soul.’ and takes place from 4.10.-6.10. It will start with a public talk on 4.10. at 19:30. In the workshop each participant is invited to bring a plan of the place where they live or work. We will learn to perceive places from a distance and will practice methods to give a healing impulse. We will explore each place in turn, give an impulse and develop affordable suggestions how it can be transformed that its residents are supported energetically.

Robert Lisac: You live and work on the island Brač. There you have started a very exciting project. Could you tell more about this?

Sabine Engelhardt: On Brač a heart chakra has begun to open in the Earth, which can help us to develop heart qualities. The core of the Gea Viva project ( is to create a place that supports people to connect with oneself, nature and the spiritual world more deeply. This empowers us, brings us in touch with our inner voice or intuition and enables us to find our own expression of the Divine.

Robert Lisac: It seems that you need a promoter for your workshops in Slovenia and participants, of ourse. How, when and where can you be contacted? Do you have a webpage where one can learn more about your work?

Sabine Engelhardt: Urša Vidic is organising the upcoming workshop. More about my work is on the websites and Here is a film: My contact details are , tel 00385997493711.
Sabine Engelhardt Gea Viva – co-creating synergy living on Brac udruga za sustvaranje sinergijskog življenja na Braču T 00385 99 7493711

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