These are some of my bone carvings. Making bone carving pendants is fun and I really enjoy the whole process. My opinion is, if we kill and eat animals, we have to use every single part of the animal, to honour it. The Native American had this approach and I try to have the same approach too. This is why I think that it’s right to use cow bones to make little pieces of art, otherwise all the bones would end in the garbage can.

I have learned bone carving from a cool guy from Argentina several years ago and he learned it in New Zealand from the Maoris, which are very famous for their bone carvings. For some of the pendants I use also the technique of pyrography, because I like to draw some patterns on bone too. If you want to order a bone carving pendant, let me know. Just send me an email: . Normally the price is around 50 €.

Thank you for visiting my bone carving gallery!


ps: As you can see, I’m also making mosaics, especially mosaic portraits so feel free to visit my mosaic gallery too 🙂 My mosaic gallery


The double twist is a symbol for infinity, a deep relationship, partnerhip and love.


Everything under CTRL? 😉


This pendant is called Koru and is influenced by the Maori style of making bone carvings. It represents a new beginning and growth.


The white buffalo was a highly regarded totem animal for the Native American people.


This is a wolf footprint bone carving pendant. Did you know, that the dog footprint is just smaller, but actually the same?


This eagle pendant is one of the most popular bone carvings. People like it.


This is a mole footprint. Something special, isn’t it?


The turtle is my shamanic power animal and that’s why I like to carve turtles in general.


A butterfly represents the process of transformation.


A Maori Koru pendant.


Also this is a Maori bone carving style pendant. They call it Manaia.


Turtles are cool! 🙂


This is for sure one of the best guitars I have ever made.


This is a Maori spear top.


This is my turtle pendant.


As you can see, there are no limits. Actually all animals can be carved in cow bone, hm, ok, maybe not all, but a lot of them.


The number 8 is a symbol for eternity and a good realationship.

So, if you want to learn more about bone carving, just watch the short 4 minute interview. Yes, I know, I have an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, because I grew up in Switzerland, but you will understand my “Terminator English” for sure 😉

And this here is a shor documentary about how I make bone carving pendant: